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Targray is a major international provider of commodities and specialty materials for high-growth energy industries with a leading presence in six sectors: Photovoltaics, Lithium-ion Batteries, Biofuels, Refined Fuels, Pulses, Cotton and Optical Media.

Drawing on 3 decades of experience, our interdisciplinary team of professionals combines global resources, innovative technologies and business expertise to create valuable enterprise solutions for Targray customers in over 50 countries.

Company Profile

Targray is a multinational Canadian corporation established in 1987 in Montreal, Canada, and headquartered in the nearby city of Kirkland since 2008. The company operates regional headquarters in Gurgaon, India, as well as branch offices and warehouses in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, China and the United Arab Emirates.

Targray is one of North America's largest privately-owned companies focused on the cleantech sector, with over 600M USD in annual sales of biodiesel, biofuel feedstock, solar modules, and battery materials including anode materials, cathode materials, current collectors, packaging and equipment. The company is also one of the fastest-growing international suppliers of agricultural commodities. Its agri-commodity product line includes a broad range of edible oils and legumes (beans, lentils, and chickpeas).

Targray has appeared on Deloitte's prestigious Best Managed Companies list for 3 consecutive years. In 2019, it made its debut appearance on Financial Post's ranking of the 500 largest corporations in Canada by revenue. In 2020, it was certified a great place to work by global workplace authority, the Great Place to Work® institute.

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